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Reinforcing concrete with recycled plastic

Sustainabilty Matters - A new method for replacing steel mesh used in concrete reinforcement with recycled plastic has seen Queensland engineering firm Fibercon recycle over 50 tons of plast...


Glass Bottle Redesigned with Confidence Using Clear SLA 3D Printing

3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing - Asia Pacific

Orora earns client buy-in on new beer bottle design using color-matched 3D printed appearance models with identical heft and hue of glass. CHALLENGE:  Win client’s confidence for a pack...


Chen Hsong Easymaster Third Generation Servo Drive Series

Applied Machinery

Chen Hsong machines are well known across Australia for their quality, reliability and price competitiveness. They are well and truly Australia’s most preferred brand for most materials and wast...


Advanced Prototyping

3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing - Asia Pacific

Reliable quality and service for product development 3D Systems’ advanced prototyping helps simplify the extensive product development process. From determining manufacturability to testing a...