Lanxess Pty. Ltd. 


LANXESS Pty. Ltd. (Australia) has its head office in Sydney. We also have staff located in Melbourne and Brisbane and warehouses in five locations around Australia.

The head office site also includes an iron oxide blending and processing facility. This facility supplements the global network of production facilities of the Inorganic Pigments (IPG) business unit of LANXESS.

LANXESS Pty. Ltd. represents all of the business units of LANXESS in Australia and supplies LANXESS products to a wide range of manufacturing industries in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to our BR, PBR, Technical Rubber Products and Rubber Additives and Chemicals businesses, our high-quality plastics additives improve the processability of materials and the properties of finished products. The range includes flame retardants based on phosphorus chemicals, plasticizers that prevent plastics from becoming brittle and colorants that bring color to the world of plastics.

From Australia, LANXESS Pty. Ltd. also manages all LANXESS business in the New Zealand and Pacific Islands.



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