Starch is a carbohydrate which is extracted from agricultural raw materials and is widely present in thousands of everyday food and non-food applications. Redox sources a variety of starches, providing solutions to manufacturers across the food and beverage market.

Starch is formed through the process of photosynthesis allowing plants to produce and store glucose, which is used for the synthesis of starch polymers.  While extraction and processing methods differ in each company and crop, extracted starch in its purest form is either used as it is or processed further to create other products. It is delivered in the form of powder or syrups.

Starch is used for a variety of products with a major use in the food and beverage market. For example, starch is converted into sugars and fermented to produce ethanol in the manufacture of beer and whisky. It is also the source of sugars found in many processed foods, and is used as a thickening, stiffening or gluten agent. In the non-food market it is widely used as an adhesive in the papermaking industry and within the clothing industry it is used to stiffen items before ironing.

At Redox we supply various types of starches including corn, potato, rice, pea, wheat and tapioca. Through constant interaction with nutritionists, specialists and regulatory bodies Redox are at the forefront of the industry delivering the benefits to you. Our quality assurance team tracks the ever changing and challenging requirements for nutritional and allergen information management reducing the burden on our clients.

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