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Colour Made Simple

Colour Made Simple is a holistic and practical online approach to colour theory designed to teach the fundamentals of visual colour assessment and instrumental colour measurement for Industry, Design and Research.

The content is based on the one-day face to face seminar which Nick Harkness, has developed over the last 20 years and presented to well over a thousand attendees from a broad range of industries and research institutions. A smorgasbord of colour theory.

Professor Stephen Westland and the team from the School of Design at the University of Leeds have produced the online colour exercises and animations which are an integral component of the course designed to visually describe the fundamentals of colour language.

There are many advantages to an online platform for example:

  • Available anytime from anywhere, no need to wait until a face to face seminar is planned for your location
  • No time out for travel with related expense
  • No time restraints, fits in with busy schedules
  • Students can work at their own pace without distractions

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