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Sepro Group will invite K 2019 visitors to “Experience Full Control” with a series of demonstrations and exhibits that harness the power of collaboration to achieve new levels of productivity, quality and flexibility in plastics injection molding. The importance of collaboration can be seen easily in Sepro partnerships with other automation companies, open integration with injection-molding machine OEMs, and development projects with customers.

Sepro is exhibiting in Hall 12, Stand A49 at the world’s largest plastics show, which is being held October 16 – 23 at Messe Dusseldorf in Germany.

A total of eight robots will be operating on the stand, including 3-, 5- and 6-axis models as well as collaborative units (cobots), provided through a recently announced partnership with Universal Robots. Several of the robots will be part of automation cells centered around two operating injection-molding machines. Sepro products also can be seen operating on the stands of eleven IMM partners exhibiting at the show.

“A large part of Sepro’s recent growth is thanks to the breadth of technology we offer as a result of collaboration with injection-molding machine makers and other automation companies,” notes Eric Radat, President of Sepro Group. “It is what makes it possible for our customers to “Experience Full Control,” and it will be on full display in Dusseldorf this October.”
Molding Cells

One of the two automation cells on the stand will feature a Sumitomo Demag molding machine producing a technical component that will be removed from the mold by an SDR Speed 7 robot. Made by Sepro especially for sale with Sumitomo Demag machines, this robot, is a special high-speed version of Sepro’s technological S5-25 3-axis Cartesian robot capable of getting in and out of the mold space in under 1 sec.

The other molding cell will also include a Sepro-Universal Robots cobot together with a Sepro Success 11 Cartesian robots operating on a molding machine from Haitian International, which will be producing drinking cups. As the cups are molded, visitors watching the demonstration will be able to enter a brief message (a name, for instance) to be printed onto a label. The cobot then will apply the label and hand the personalized cup to the visitor. The label and the cup will be recyclable.
Cobots and Other Demonstrations

A second cobot will be running in a stand-alone demonstration of robot/human interaction. Visitors to the booth will be able to choose between a round box of candy and a square one. With the help of a machine-vision camera and a flexible feeding system, the cobot will pick the appropriate shape and hand it directly to visitors.

Thanks to a recent agreement with Universal Robots, the market leader in collaborative robots, Sepro has added cobots to its portfolio of automation solutions for injection molders.

Other standalone robot demonstrations will present new choices for 5- and 6-axis technology.
Sepro Lab

A special section of the Sepro stand will be dedicated to existing and future projects aimed at providing technologies that makes it easier for molders to use Sepro robots efficiently and profitably. These include:
• - OptiCycle, the Sepro wizard that helps even inexperienced programmers develop an optimized robot cycle
• - Live Support, a smart-device application that streamlines robot troubleshooting and maintenance to maximize uptime.
• - Open integration
• - Visual control training
• - Preview of other groundbreaking tools and functionalities

Other Sepro Robots at K 2019

The Sepro commitment to integration and collaboration now makes it possible for injection molders to get packaged machine/robot solutions through manufacturers from Germany, Japan, China, USA, France and elsewhere. At K 2019, eleven different IMM suppliers are operating Sepro robots on their own machines.

See us at K2019, Hall 14, 14C24!!

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